Brief Artist Bio

Born downtown Montreal, Quebec Madeleine Chartrand Sperlich has traveled and lived abroad as a tourist, as a student, on business and for other purposes. She learnt many languages and lots of amazing recipes. Madeleine was insecure in her early years not wanting to be a poor and crazy artist. In fear she became a chef, then a snowboard instructor and eventually had a spiritual awakening along the coast highway. In 1999 she quit civilized employment and society to sell art on the streets. Since then she has dropped out of a BA in Art Education at Concordia University but not officially. She has participated in lowbrow art group shows, group exhibitions, sold paintings, won a prize, was honored, made global street sales, solo shows in foreign places and a solo show in Huntingdon, Quebec. She is successful in part or despite of her unwillingness to conform to conformity. The artist is currently dividing her time between building a Privately Funded Art-Farm in Godmanchester, Quebec and Mahahual, Mexico chasing butterflies.

LOVE SPACE WAITING FOR MR.RIGHT 100X80CM Soul Flight on clear day 100x80cm

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