crescupular mother’s minute or moment


Since the birth of my super cool greatest work of art, Gigi, i have had less time to dedicate to my other heartworks, my passion, my art. Hours spent colouring are now occupied with domestic chores and joys.

So each hour has doubled in value. i wake up before the sun to watch it rise. sometimes i go back to bed sometimes i paint, sometimes i think. This is my time alone before my other occupations and preoccupations.

I sold this watercolour painting to a beautiful friend here in Mahahual, thank you!

the title is the title of this my first post. It is about 120cm X 90cm from now on i will try to get the sizes right and following the international metric system and not a backwards inch and feet.

i am trying to be more modern and embrace the internet.

making it available to the masses because the only swarms of mosquitos





Madeleine self portrait

Night & day, light & shadows, life and death. Life is the art of living. Love is the meaning of life. Ugly can be beautiful with a fresh coat of paint. Till the end I remain true to my art and loves. Ideas are born as solutions to problems.

When not making art, the artist is fighting the intergalactic battle between good and evil. Continuing to perfect the designs necessary to move mountains and travel faster than the speed of light to distant galaxies.

Artist Statement

Joy of joys, God is love and the universe is infinite. Like molecules in a grand scheme of things, Homo sapiens each have their diverse functions in order for the common good of the system to strive and survive. I am therefore super blessed to be lost in a cellular stream of creation receiving messages from the stars. I stay true, following my heart. Beautifying old things and creating art is what makes me happy. I am fulfilling my destiny as an artist; anything else would be a tragic loss to society. Life is love, love is the energy that fuels and inspires. Rocks have feelings too.”


Soul Flight on clear day 100x80cm